The workshop «Practical use of GLONASS/GPS navigation satellite technologies» is held the frame of Dialogue partnership Russian Federation - ASEAN. The workshop proponent — Roscosmos. The workshop organizer - JSC «Russian space systems».

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The Federal Space Agency is a federal body empowered by the executive authority to ensure implementation of the state policy and legal regulation, to provide state services and manage state property in the field of space activity, international cooperation within joint space projects and programs, activities relating to space equipment and systems of military use, strategic rockets and missiles which are performed by space industry companies, and to fulfill general coordination of activities carried out on the territory of the Baikonur spaceport.
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JSC “Russian space systems” is a leading Russian enterprise in development, manufacturing, engineering support and operation of space information systems. JSC “Russian space systems” is the prime industry organization for the avenues linked with the following navigation geospatial technologies: the GLONASS design, development and purposeful use, including its augmentations, user equipment and ground control segment; the unified navigation and timing support system of the Russian Federation; development and implementation of standard and critically important technologies in navigation, control, monitoring and the Earth observation; systems for ERS data receiving, processing and distribution; federal, local and region systems for monitoring critically important objects and dangerous cargoes.