Outcome 2012

During the period from 16 to 23 of September 2012 the Second International school on satellite navigation took place under the support of the Federal Space Agency. The School was organized by JSC “Russian Space Systems”, Moscow aviation institute, Ryazan state radiotechnical university, JSC “NIS GLONASS”, GLONASS/GNSS-Forum Association. 

The School chose for its venue the Ryazan region which is at the forefront of implementing the GLONASS system in Russia. The inauguration ceremony of the School timed to the 155th anniversary of cosmonautics theoretician and founder Konstantin Tsiolkovsky took place in his memorial house in the village of Izhevskoe, Ryazan region.

Outcome 2011

From 18 to 26 of September 2011 the first International school on satellite navigation took place in the city of Kolomna (Russia). 

Purpose: teaching main fundamentals of building, operating and development of global navigation satellite systems, explaining how to provide PNT solutions to users and to use applications of satellite navigation technologies, mainly GLONASS, to benefit socio-economic development.