About the event

The International school on satellite navigation is 6-10 days annual event wich comprises lectures and practical studies.

Objectives of the School is teaching in theory of GNSS building, operating and practical applications, navigation and timing services providing, integrated use of GLONASS and ERS data. Acquired professional and management skills may be immediately implicated by students in their professional activities.

The School is usefull for promising specialists from Russian and foreign companies that use satellite navigation and ERS technologies, implement GNSS and ERS based systems and provide navigation and geoinformation services to users. 

Teaching staff comprises leading Russian experts from key enterprises and companies of space industry.

Venue: the School takes place in cities which are at the forefront of implementing GNSS technologies. The School’s concept implies embracing maximally large audience so we are trying to change the venue every year.

Language of the event is Russian so far. When we meet interest to the School of the foreign students, the materials may be translated in English.

267 students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova took part in the School since 2011.

The head of the ESA’s Russian office highly appreciated the role of the School in the development of international cooperation on GNSS usage.